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A few years ago, Dangerkids came into the music scene with their debut full length record, “Collapse”. I remember my younger brother sending me a link to “Hostage” and I became an instant fan. Right off the bat, you could feel the Linkin Park influence, and, to me, that’s not a bad thing at all- I mean, LP is only one of my favorite bands ever. But don’t get it twisted, Dangerkids were very much DANGERKIDS… Bringing something different to the stage.

Fans have been waiting for something new from Dangerkids for a LONG time, and that wait is over! “Blacklist_” is finally out and it’s everything fans could hope for… and more!

[Warped Tour 2014. Photo by Daniel Roman]


A lot of time, energy and heart was poured into creating “Blacklist_”, and you could feel that from the second the first track, “Kill Everything” drops! This record speaks to the underdogs… the ones who are constantly told to change themselves to conform to the “norm”. The message is clear from the very start to the very end… If you have a dream, see it through. As an artist myself, the lyrics that Tyler and Andy sing, rap and scream, hit so close to home. Blacklist_ only seems to get more powerful as it goes along.

From the singles they released earlier, like “Things Could Be Different” and the title track “Blacklist_”, to the in your face “Summoner’s Rift”, to the acoustic “Invincible Summer”, Dangerkids’ second record has a whole lot of range. “Glass On Water”, one of my personal favorites, sports some of the coolest riffs and a dope guitar solo towards the end. Also, I MUST shout out Katie, who continues to show what kind of monster she is behind that drum kit! *inserts all the drum emojis here*

It’s been about 4 years since their first record, but after listening to “Blacklist_”, you could totally see where all that time was spent. Whether you’ve been a fan from the get, or you just discovered Dangerkids, this record will resonate all the same. Andy, Tylor, Jake, Katie and Alex all put SO much into Blacklist_… the outcome is one kick ass record.

[Warped Tour 2014. Photo by Daniel Roman]


“Blacklist_” is available on iTunes and Amazon!

You can stream “Blacklist_” on Youtube Blacklist_ Album Stream

[Warped Tour 2014. Photo by Daniel Roman]


Dangerkids are currently on tour with Falling In Reverse, Issues, Motionless in White and Dead Girls Academy through February 12th! Head over to for tour tickets, merch and more!

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