Logan Review

Logan Review


The X-Men franchise has been hit or miss to say the least, so with Logan hitting theaters, one wouldn’t know what to expect. Sure, the trailers looked good but A LOT of trailers look good. With this movie, they set audiences up for a dark, emotional ride… And Logan was exactly that.

Logan (VERY LOOSLY) follows the “Old Man Logan” comic book arc, which is centered around an aging Logan (better known as Wolverine). The movie is set in 2029, when (most) mutants are believed to have died. Logan and Charles Xavier find themselves protecting a mysterious young girl from an organization that is after her. Despite whatever changes were made from the comics, Logan was probably one of the best written comic book films to date. There are plenty of times where you almost forget you’re watching a Wolverine movie. The entire movie flowed and every character and plot point were woven together perfectly.

A character who was once virtually indestructible, you really feel that Logan is very much vulnerable… physically and mentally. Throughout the film, Logan is practically begging for someone to end his life. That alone is a huge change from the Wolverine we’re accustomed to (in the movies). This was something that made this movie all the more powerful as it progressed.

We were also introduced to a Charles Xavier (Professor X), that was barely hanging on to his own mind. One of the most powerful mutants in existence was barley able to keep himself together. Forced to take medication to prevent seizures, which would cause catastrophic damage to those around him. This depiction of Charles was hard to watch (in an affective way), all thanks to an amazing performance from Sir Patrick Stewart.

Dafne Keen, who played Laura (X-23) put on a great performance as well. Despite her not speaking through a better portion of the film, she was able to convey so many emotions. For such a young actress, her ability to display a character that is full of fear, at one moment, then fearless the next, WITHOUT speaking one word is a feat in itself… A testament to great acting. As the movie progressed, she began to cling to Logan, despite his reluctancy to get close to anyone.

Even the main villain of the film, Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook, wasmenacing throughout. Despite not having any sort of mutant abilities, he managed to hold his own and adapt. Overall, everyone did a great job of driving the movie forward.

So, without giving away too much, Logan was indeed that grim, bloody, gripping movie that it was promised to be. It was a great comic book based film, that never let up. This one is up there with The Dark Knight and Watchmen. Who would’ve thought, we’d get such an amazing comic book based film from Fox?!

Rating: 10/10

Well written, well delivered. Logan ranks amongst the top in comic book based films and can even roll with some of the best non-comic book based action/thrillers out there. If you’re a comic book fan, GO WATCH LOGAN. If you’re not a comic book fan, GO WATCH LOGAN.

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