Most Anticipated Superhero Movies of 2017

From Spider-Man to Justice League, 2017 is definitely a year filled with heavy hitters. Each movie has potential to be, not only awesome, but generate a ridiculous amount of revenue at the box office. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s stoked for each and everyone one of these films.

Here’s where these films rank on my list of most anticipated super hero movies of 2017!

7. Thor: Ragnarok

Release Date: November 3


This movie could be higher on my list of most anticipated super hero films, but as of this point, we don’t know much about Thor: Ragnarok.

Outside of vague information about the movie’s plot, rumors of a “Planet Hulk” like scenario and a November 3rd release date, very little is known about the upcoming Thor movie. Unlike the rest of the movies on my list, there have been no teasers/trailers, or many images, if any… Which I’m sure will change soon.

Despite the tiny amount of info, if the rumors and reports are true, Ragnarok might be a super hero movie of epic proportions.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

Release Date: May 5



Now don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of adventure Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora and Groot are going on in their second film. I’m especially excited to see Marvel inch closer to the upcoming Avengers movies, and the Thanos fallout.

Personally, I don’t know much about the plot, and I like to keep things that way. I’m not one of those people that need to know everything about the movie before they even see it. My biggest hope is that whatever villain/threat they face is menacing and doesn’t fall as flat as Ronin the Accuser did.

5. Logan

Release Date: March 3


Logan Trailer (2017)

The newest Wolverine movie, Logan, will loosely follow the famed “Old Man Logan” comic arc. And it looks AWESOME! I love the tone that the trailers are setting. I think we can safely say that it’ll be one intense, emotional ride.

Logan will be Introducing viewers to X-23, so that in itself, is pretty cool. This movie undoubtably (and more than likely unintentionally) looks like “The Last of Us”, and honestly, that’s not a bad thing at all. One other thing I love about Logan, as I did with the last Wolverine standalone, is that it seems that they aren’t throwing in a ton of mutants just for the sake of it… Keeping this movie’s story revolved around Logan, X-23 and Professor Xavier.

4. Power Rangers

Release Date: March 24


Power Rangers (2017 Movie) Official Trailer – It’s Morphin Time!

I recently released an article about how pumped I am for Power Rangers, so I won’t dig too much into it here. You can check that out here (Power Rangers The Movie).

With a very different tone than the campy TV series we all grew up on had and a way bigger budget, Power Rangers looks awesome. Not to mention, it’s been 20 years since the last big screen adaption, so it’s pretty damn WELL overdue.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Release Date: July 7


SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING – Official International Trailer

With Tom Holland, who looks like he may have nailed the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man (from his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, alone), Michael Keaton playing the Vulture and Marvel having creative rights to Spider-Man now, Homecoming has all the ingredients to be the best Spider-Man movie yet. From his time on screen during Civil War, to the trailer for Homecoming, everything about this looks Spider-Man. You have the energetic, witty personality that makes Spidey who he is. You have the danger that casts a shadow over his life and the ones around him. There is no doubt that this movie will kick ass.

Normally, Spider-Man would be at the top of my list, as it very well should be, and don’t get me wrong, I WILL be watching this the day it comes out in theaters. The main reasons why this isn’t my #1 most anticipated, is because:

A) We’ve had a good share of Spidey movies already. 5 in less than 20 years… Not to mention the last one, before this reboot, came only 2-3 years ago.

B) The next two movies on my list are happening…

2. Wonder Woman

Release Date: June 2


WONDER WOMAN – Official Trailer [HD]

I could easily flip-flop this movie with #1, as I’m VERY excited and optimistic for both films.

For starters, this is WONDER WOMAN… the most iconic female superhero in existence. Between Gal Gadot’s short, but not short of amazing appearance in BvS, and the SICK trailers, Wonder Woman might be a force to be reckoned with. And providing the suits in the studio don’t mess this up, by dipping their fingers into this movie, I’ll go as far as to say that this might be one of the best comic book based character films ever made. Yeah, that’s a pretty big leap, but from the trailers alone, it’s hard to argue with the possibility of that.

I’m also very intrigued to see how her standalone movie ties into Justice League.

1. Justice League

Release Date: November 17


Justice League Official Trailer (2017)

This is the GREATEST superhero team ever assembled. Before the Avengers films came along, Justice League was always the more popular team. For decades, there have been countless animated films/series based on the Justice League (Superfriends, Justice League, JLA… Even Young Justice). Even people who weren’t comic book fans knew who the Justice League is, for the most part.

Despite the mixed reactions BvS received, Justice League, in my opinion, will resonate better with fans… That is, if they can stop crying about the dark(ish) tone that the DCEU has set up. The whole dynamic of the Justice League and whatever threat they’ll be facing, will be a lot more straight forward. I also love the fact that they’re not rushing to put the league against Darkseid.

I’m super exited to see what kinds of surprises we’ll see when Justice League hits theaters at the end of the year.

2017 is going to be filled with a lot of potentially kick ass superhero films, and many of us are beyond excited. Which super hero films are YOUR most anticipated of 2017?!

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