“Palisades” Album Review

I’ve known these guys for some time now… Going back to their first EP, “I’m Not Dying Today”. They are, hands down, some of the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet, let alone kick ass artists. Coming from New Jersey, Palisades have brought genre barrier breaking music, and continue to kill it.

[Warped Tour 2015. Photo by Daniel Roman.]

Having an EP and two full length albums under their belts, Palisades bring us their third full length, “Palisades”. With it, comes another solid piece of work!

The record kicks off with “Aggression”, and this song is a prime example of what makes this band what they are. The way Lou can go from pop-ish vocals to metal with the change of the beat is seamless. It’s really hard to blend genres so naturally, but these guys do it. Everything on this record falls into place so smoothly. The beautifully crafted instrumentals have intensity, bounce and emotion, which all make this a genre bending piece of art.

[Warped Tour 2016. Photo by Daniel Roman]

From laid back songs like “Cold Heart (Warm Blood)” to gripping songs like “Memories” to in your face songs like, my personal favorite “Through Hell”, this record has it all. This is definitely an album I think will be sticking around at the top of my list for 2017.

For Palisades tour dates, merch and much more, check out http://wearepalisades.com!

You can follow Palisades on Instagram and Twitter @WeArePalisades

“Palisades” is available on iTunes now!

You can also stream their album on Rise Records’ YouTube channel.

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