Top 10 Alien Movies

Top 10 Alien Movies

10. Transformers

It’s hard for almost any geek to NOT have loved Transformers growing up. From G1 to Beast Wars, Transformers have been a part of many of our lives. A race of robots would bring their war to our planet, while the Autobots would do their best to protect Earth from their enemies, the Decepticons.

A Transformers movie would be a dream come true, and Michael Bay would be the guy to make those very dreams come true. Now, there’s been a lot of criticism with the Transformers movies, but despite the odd decisions Bay chose to go with in making these movies, there’s no denying that at least the first Transformers movie was pretty bad ass.

If nothing more, Transformers was a visual spectacle, with some fast paced, metal crushing action. And that alone, lands these gigantic, sentient robots a spot on this list.

9. Dark Skies

Not only is this one of my favorite alien movies, but this is personally one of my favorite horror movies. A perfectly normal family is tormented by extraterrestrial beings.

More physiological than most Alien movies out there, Dark Skies wasn’t CGI-heavy. It relied on tension building, as any good horror film would. This movie was downright creepy as hell, with an ending that is probably one of the most messed up endings in any movie.

8. Predator

Predator is a Sci-Fi classic. Groundbreaking for it’s time and still holds up, even 30 years later.

A military team is sent into a Central America jungle on a rescue mission. As one would expect, they’d be dealing with local guerrillas. What the didn’t expect was to be picked off one-by-one an alien Predator.

Predator would spawn a few other sequels- Most notably, and in my opinion the best one outside of the original, Predators- and a reboot (or prequel) set for release in 2018. And despite whether those movies were good or bad, the Predator remains an iconic movie character.

7. Signs

In M. Night Shyamalan’s hay day, he gave us a gem, called Signs.

Mel Gibson’s character discovers a message carved into his crop, which changes everything he’s believed in. His investigation would alter the lives of him and his family.

Another unique take on Aliens. This movie has a sort of X-Files vibe. A lot of tension building and played with audience’s minds. Scenes with the actual extraterrestrials were minimal, but some of the most stand out in the genre. That birthday party scene was, hands down, one of the scariest scenes in ANY movie.

6. Prometheus

What’s funny, is that not many people had any idea this was an Alien prequel. That baffles me with all the subtle, but blatant signs that this WAS an indirect prequel to Alien.

A team follows clues to the origin of mankind and they find what they’re looking for… at a price. In my opinion, this movie was brilliant. It did a great job of slowly introducing the Alien franchise we all know and love. Prometheus opened up a universe of possibilities… a great way of expanding the Alien mythos without milking the Xenomorphs dry, so to speak.

Prometheus was very thought provoking, as it makes you question, “why are we here?” and “who really put us here?”.

5. Pacific Rim

Aliens that came from below? Interesting.

Pacific Rim had a simple premise… Aliens were sending giant monsters (Kaiju) to attack earth and earth fought back by building giant robots (Jaegers).

The interesting part of this alien invasion, was that they weren’t coming from the skies, but rather from below. An alien race created portals to our planet that would send waves of Kaiju in an attempt to colonize earth. This portal’s opening was found deep in the Pacific Ocean… hence the title. A brilliant strategy, when you look at the fact that us humans are always looking up when it comes to alien invasions.

Pacific Rim was downright, one bad ass alien flick.

4. Cloverfield

Cloverfield was a movie that caught us by surprise… Literally.

I remember watching, I think it was Transformers, in the theater and a teaser trailer for Colverfield came on the screen. No introduction or anything. People were partying, everything was cool… then the whole room shook and everyone started going crazy. They run to the roof, only to see a giant explosion in the distance. Everyone eventually gets to the street only to see the Statue of Liberty’s head land right in front of them.

Then the trailer ends.

Almost as if those events happened in real life, the entire theater had this “what the f**k did we just watch” look on their face.

When Cloverfield came out, it was a MUST watch. It did not disappoint at all. A found footage film in the middle of a Godzilla-esq invasion, and it was magnificent. A fear inducing, chaotic ride that puts you right in the middle of every bit of the action.

3. Thing

Thing is yet another SciFi/Horror classic. Following a research team in a facility in Antartica, who gets an unexpected visitor. A mysterious alien creature with the ability to become anything it touches.

Tensions and fear are at an all time high, while the team’s trust is put the test as they try to survive this alien threat. Each member will have to try to figure out who is human and who is not, or else.

Another movie that visually stands the test of time, thanks to its amazing use of practical effects. Thing is definitely one of the best alien movies ever made.

2. Alien

Alien… Probably the Godfather of Alien movies.

This movie really needs no introduction… If you don’t know what’s going on in this movie, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

Alien is a classic in every sense… SciFi/Horror in it’s glory. Ridley Scott gave the world one of the best looking and scariest movies to date. And James Cameron would only add to that with his sequel, Aliens.

1. District 9

Many people would argue this pick. They’d more than likely tell me that Alien should be number one, and I can only agree with that… Alien very well could and should be my pick for number one, but I went with something different… District 9.

District 9 was hands down, one of the most unique films, let alone alien film of this generation. In an era where most films are either remakes/reboots or CGI-heavy messes, that solely rely on cliché stories, District 9 gave audiences something fresh. I’ve heard tons of mixed reviews from people, but I still feel like this movie is one of the best alien movies I’ve watched.

The movie takes place in Africa, where an extraterrestrial ship had landed some years back. The area was turned into a sort of concentration camp, keeping the aliens secluded to that controlled area. It starts off as a documentary, where the main character is going into “District 9” to issue an eviction notice to an alien living there.

They soon discover that the alien is harboring weapons in it’s home. Main character stubbles across a small container with an unknown liquid that ends up spraying him in the face. At first everything seems to be ok, but then he begins to experience some strange symptoms… And I’ll leave it at that.

District 9 was a very well crafted movie. There was a good balance of compelling story telling and intense action.

Neil Blumcamp actually ended up landing a job directing the next Alien remake/reboot. Well deserved if you ask me. Neil knows his SciFi.

Honorable Mention:

Super 8

Battle of LA

Alien Abduction

The Banshee Chapter

Independence Day

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