Top 10 Pop Songs Covered by Rock Bands

These are all songs we know, for the most part. These songs have been on the top of music charts all around the world.

There’s enough pressure singing these songs during karaoke night, so imagine having to take a song and not only cover it, but make it your own, for the WHOLE world to hear. These rock bands have done just that… and then some.

These covers beg the question: Does rock make everything better? Hmmm

I’ve complied a list of pop song covered by rock bands that I think have, not only paid homage to the original track, but gave it THEIR own touch. Each band adding some more edge and intensity to the song they’re covering.

Here’s MY top 10!

10- Diamonds (Rihanna)- Covered by Any Given Day
Diamonds (Cover)


09- Thrift Shop (Macklemore + Ryan Lewis)- Covered by Like Vultures
Thrift Shop (Cover)



08- Grenade (Bruno Mars)- Covered by Memphis May Fire
Grenade (Cover)


07- Till the World Ends (Britney Spears)- Covered by I See Stars
Till the World Ends (Cover)


06- Dark Horse (Katy Perry)- Covered by Our Last Night
Dark Horse (Cover)


05- All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey)- Covered by My Chemical Romance 
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Cover)


04- Royals (Lorde)- Covered by Youth In Revolt
Royals (Cover)


03- Set Fire to the Rain (Adele)- Covered by SycAmour
Set Fire To the Rain (Cover)


02- Payphone (Maroon 5)- Covered by Crown the Empire
Payphone (Cover)


01- Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)- Covered by Marilyn Manson
Sweat Dreams (Cover)


What songs are on your list of best cover songs?!

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